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Welcome to the GDL Maraton!

The GDL Maraton is a Guadalajara Mexico-based inline marathon in its first year. The marathon is set to take place on MaY 19th, 2024. All runners, skaters, and spectators are welcome to join us in this exciting event!

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As we gear up for our inaugural inline marathon, we are excited to welcome runners and skaters worldwide to join us in this amazing event. Our team of experienced organizers and volunteers are working tirelessly to make sure everything is in place for a successful event. Whether you are a seasoned skater or just starting, there is something for everyone at GDL Maraton. Join us and be a part of this incredible experience!

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— Unknown

Meet the Race Staff

We have brought in some of the best planners from across North America to make the GDL Maraton an unforgettable experience! 

Who is Skate WIth Us?

Tavis Trosen, Naomi Weinberg & Doris Casabona all met while skating. Naomi and Doris first met while skating on the trails in Miami Florida. They later met Tavis while skating the Friday night skate in Atlanta, Georgia before the legendary Athens to Atlanta 87 mile skate. The 3 continued to meet at skating events around the world and became the best kind of friends...skate friends. They also shared a need to support and grow the sport of inline skating. Tavis became a board member at the NorthShore Inline Marathon in Duluth, MN which is the largest inline marathon in North America while Naomi Weinberg & Doris Casabona are the founders and organizers of Skater Migration in Miami, which is one of the largest city skates in the world. 


When Tavis first visited his future wife in Guadalajara he first noticed the nearly perfect, year-round skating weather. The second thing he noticed was all the skaters in Guadalajara. He saw recreational skaters all around the city and met some of the amazing speed skaters skating on the bank track at Code. He quickly messaged his friends Doris and Naomi and they all agreed that Guadalajara was the perfect place for an inline marathon! 


"Blending our love for skating and years of event organizing experience, we're thrilled about this exciting venture in Mexico!"


-Doris, Naomi & Tavis 


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